Boxing management company with 29 Irish fighters announces boycott of Irish media

Boxing management company with 29 Irish fighters announces boycott of Irish media

A BOXING management company with 29 Irish fighters has said it is boycotting all media from the Republic of Ireland with immediate effect.

MTK Global CEO and sole shareholder Sandra Vaughan said in a statement that the Irish media has “continued to sensationalise and slander MTK Global” and its boxers.

The company also added that it will neither host boxing events in Ireland nor sign Irish fighters for the foreseeable future.

MTK Global, co-founded by Daniel Kinahan and Birmingham-born Irish fighter Matthew Macklin, counts Carl Frampton, Michael Conlan, Paddy Barnes and Tyson Fury among its boxers.

The company has since severed ties with Kinahan while a management buy-in last year saw Macklin remain as an advisor.

The statement comes after the Collision Course event scheduled for last Saturday, which featured five MTK Global fighters, was cancelled.

MTK Global said the Citywest Hotel in Dublin pulled out of hosting the event “following widespread media propaganda”.

'No connection with crime'

Ms Vaughan’s statement read: “Despite announcing MTK Global cutting all ties with Daniel Kinahan in February 2017, and announcing a full management buy-in by myself in October 2017, the Irish media have continued to vilify MTK Global in all and any mention of Irish boxing and MTK Global-signed boxers.

“Our legal team are now dealing with this matter and will be issuing legal letters to a number of Irish media houses today.

“None of the new management team or owners, nor any of the Irish boxers signed with MTK Global, have any connection with crime, yet many Irish media continue to drag up past affiliations and sensationalise and slander MTK Global and their stable of boxers.

“As CEO I cannot and will not allow this to continue. How are we ever meant to move forward as an organisation when we keep being dragged into the past by media?”

While the company will continue to mange its 29 Irish fighters, they are not permitted to fight in their hometown under the MTK banner for the foreseeable future.

The statement added that the company’s withdrawal from Ireland would impact on the country’s economy and the earning power of its Irish fighters.

It also said that despite boxing being Ireland’s most successful sport at the Olympics, “the Irish media are putting the sport at risk to the point of near extinction if this witch-hunt continues”.

MTK's Irish fighters appeared to have rowed in behind the boycott, as well as footballer James McClean.