British university to erect statue of Greta Thunberg

British university to erect statue of Greta Thunberg

A UNIVERSITY in the UK is planning to erect a life-sized statue of Greta Thunberg later this month.

Winchester University is looking to unveil the near 6ft bronze sculpture on its Hampshire campus in the south of England.

The statue, which depicts the likeness of the 18-year-old Swedish activist, is called Make a Difference, and is being completed by British artist Christine Charlesworth.

It was commissioned by the university in 2019 at a cost of more than €27,000.

They wanted a statue of Ms Thunberg to reflect the 'green values' of the university and to 'inspire' students around campus.

Pic: Facebook

"Greta Thunberg is now cast in bronze and I will visit the foundry next week," Charlesworth wrote on Facebook.

"So exciting as I have been told this is the first full size statue of her in the world .....probably find out there are twelve now!!"

Talking to reporters about the statue, Charlsworth added: "The university wanted a sculpture of Greta because it is a very 'green' university, and they feel that Greta will be an inspiration to all the students."

The statue, which is due to be presented on March 30, hasn't proved popular with everyone though.

Locals have branded it a "total waste of money," while University student Henry Osbourne wondered why he and others at the school "weren’t given a vote over who to have a statue of?"

Another local, Michelle Coombs, said: "I think the statue sculpture itself is very good, but Greta has no connection with Winchester, or am I wrong?"