You can now get your selfies printed on a pint of Guinness, because science is amazing

You can now get your selfies printed on a pint of Guinness, because science is amazing

OKAY, THIS is a weird one-- but is it even weirder that we really want to try it?

Irish drinks powerhouse Guinness are always up to something-- whether it's a 4-day Guinness festival, a special 'Guinness clear' campaign, or a tiny pop-up serving free pints but which can only fit five people, you can always count on the minds behind the black shtuff to have something new up their sleeves.

But this has to be the most unique (or weird, whichever way you want to look at it) inititative yet, as you can now get your selfie printed on a pint so you can drink your own face.

Finally, am I right?

content (Guinness Storehouse)

Aptly named 'The STOUTie',  this innovative campaign uses natural malt extract to create a picture-perfect image of your own face on the creamy white head, promising that 'every pint of Guinness is worth savouring, but the STOUTie is a moment worth sharing too'.

Visitors to Dublin's iconic Guinness Storehouse will be able to experience the 'groundbreaking new way to enjoy your pint' for an additional €6.50 on top of the price of a regular tour ticket. Worth it? We think so-- even just to be able to say you've done it.

Guinness Head of Quality and Master Brewer Stephen Kilcullen said of the experiment:

"The iconic creamy head of Guinness is the perfect canvas for the STOUTie."

"And where else would you get this perfect pint experience other than at the Guinness Storehouse?"

That's a good question, because unfortunately the niche campaign is so far only available in Dublin's Storehouse-- here's hoping they extend the STOUTie a bit further afield.

Incredibly, the STOUTie has been around for a year at this stage, but not a lot of people seem to have heard about it-- where were the parades? Where was the president's speech?

Anyone wanting to fulfill their lifelong dream of drinking their own face can check out the Guinness Storehouse website here.