Church ridiculed over giant baby Jesus statue’s uncanny resemblance to Phil Collins

Church ridiculed over giant baby Jesus statue’s uncanny resemblance to Phil Collins

A MEXICAN church’s new statue of Baby Jesus has gone viral thanks to its uncanny - and entirely unintentional - resemblance to musician Phil Collins.

The La EpifanÍa del Señor church in the central Mexican state of Zacatecas first made headlines after setting the potential new record for the biggest baby Jesus statue in the world.

Speaking to Central European News, the church’s pastor Reverend Humberto Rodriguez revealed how he had originally requested the construction of a statue that would “fit the church” only to find the sculptor had taken his request a little too literally.

“There is a space of between 26 feet between the ceiling and the floor and I ordered a statue measuring 21 feet, but I never intended to make it the biggest baby Jesus statue in the world,” he said.

It beats the current record for a Baby Jesus statue, which reportedly stands at 16 feet tall and 661 pounds.


While the church has contacted Guinness World Records to confirm the record, the statue has begun to attract attention from fans on Twitter, and subsequently The New York Post for its striking resemblance to Phil Collins in his 1980s heyday.

The work of sculptor Roman Salvador, the statue is made from fiberglass, resin, automotive paste and automotive paint.

Unfortunately, the decision to include a longer tuft of hair has seen many draw comparisons between the giant Baby Jesus and the former Genesis drummer and frontman from back in the day.

It is worth adding that Collins looks markedly different today to the way he did in the images drawing comparison with the statue.

The New York Post contacted Collins representatives to discuss the statue’s uncanny resemblance but he has yet to comment.