Colin Farrell looks unrecognisable as the Penguin in stunning first trailer for 'The Batman'

Colin Farrell looks unrecognisable as the Penguin in stunning first trailer for 'The Batman'

COMIC BOOK movie fans have been given a first taste of what to expect from Matt Reeves’ The Batman – including a glimpse of Colin Farrell as iconic supervillain The Penguin. 

Despite the fact only 25% of the film has been shot, with Covid-19 temporarily halting production, there was still enough footage in the can for a trailer. 

Reeves debuted the teaser at this weekend’s Warner Bros’ DC FanDome virtual event. 

The Batman features striking new interpretations of several familiar Batman characters including Zoe Kravitz as a safe-cracking Catwoman/Selina Kyle and Paul Dano’s disturbing take of The Riddler, who has been reimagined as a Se7en style serial killer. 

Robert Pattinson is obviously front-and-centre as the brand-new Batman, with the Twilight start adding a brooding twist to the character of Bruce Wayne. 

Yet but far the most striking transformation to feature in the trailer comes courtesy of Farrell as Osward Cobblepot AKA the Penguin. 

While only seen briefly in a handful of scenes, the Irishman is virtually unrecognisable, to the point that many fans didn’t even realise his character appeared in the trailer. 

Farrell features in three key moments. 

He’s first seen standing angrily and then pops up again in a gun fight. His third and final appearance in the trailer comes as his character makes a hasty exit with the Batmobile on his tail. 

Farrell’s Penguin appears balding, badly scarred and carrying a bit of weight. He also looks unlike any comic book supervillain to have ever graced the big screen. 

Image: Warner Bros.

Details surrounding Farrell’s version of the character remain scarce, with Reeves previously hinting that the film will feature an early incarnation of the Penguin – so early, in fact, he doesn’t even go by that nickname or, at least, doesn’t want to. 

Also starring Jeffrey Wright and Andy Serkis as well as Ireland’s very own Barry Keoghan, The Batman is due to arrive in cinemas in the summer of 2021.