This company is offering Irish emigrants the chance to win €30K towards the cost of returning to Ireland

This company is offering Irish emigrants the chance to win €30K towards the cost of returning to Ireland

PLENTY OF Irish emigrants’ pine for a permanent return to Ireland but, more often than not, one thing or another gets in the way.

Moving abroad offers a chance to broaden horizons, establish new roots and seek out exciting career opportunities – but there is no place like home.

And there are few places better suited to raising a family than Ireland, surrounded by close friends and loved ones from years gone by.

More importantly, there’s never been a better time to return: Ireland’s unemployment rate is at a 14-year low while the economy is set to grow by 3/2% despite the dreaded spectre of Brexit.

Technology may have made the distance shorter, but that one question will always be nagging away at you, somewhere at the back of your mind: Isn’t it time you came home?

Now one company is looking to take the financial sting out of a move back to Ireland with a competition, opening to returning Irish emigrants, offering €30,000 towards the cost of a move back to the Emerald Isle.

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It’s all the work of CurrencyFair. For the past decade it has helped Irish nationals move abroad by providing low-cost money transfers without compromise.

Now it wants to do something to help those seeking a return home.

CurrencyFair is offering Irish people living abroad the chance to win a relocation package valued at €30,000 to go toward the costs of returning to Ireland.

That figure includes a year of rental accommodation, flights and car insurance.

In order to enter, prospective Irish emigrants need to visit to tell CurrencyFair what home means to them and why the time is right to return to Ireland.

To enter, share your story of what home means to you and why the time is right to return to Ireland.

This is your chance to get creative! Use photos and video to bring your story to life.

The competition's closing date is set for  August 31, 2019, with one deserving winner chosen by a panel of three judges.

“There are about three-and-a-half million Irish citizens currently living outside of Ireland. When you think about why they might like to come back, it boils down to a single common reason: Ireland is home,” said Jarlath Regan, creator and host of An Irishman Abroad podcast and CurrencyFair brand ambassador.

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“The chance to win a contest like this could be life changing for someone simply wanting to come back to Ireland.” Regan joins other notable Irish personalities who will select a winner, including one of Ireland’s biggest YouTube sensations, Clisare, and Stephen Palmer, founder of the go-to blog for Irish expats in Australia, Irish Around Oz.

“We know that moving to a new country — including returning to your home country — can be complicated, which is why we work so hard to ensure that moving money with us is simple, fast and safe,” said CurrencyFair CEO, Paul Byrne.

“Ireland is thriving again and it’s an exciting place to live right now, but it’s not without its challenges for returning ‘Come Home’ with CurrencyFair emigrants. Our contest will help someone hit the ground running and make a fresh start at home.”

CurrencyFair has always prioritised making money transfers simple and fair, by combining the latest foreign exchange technology with 5-star, ‘excellent’ Trustpilot-rated customer service and processes that are easy to understand and use.

For each contest entry, CurrencyFair will also make a €10 donation to Focus Ireland, the country’s leading not-for-profit working to prevent people becoming, remaining or returning to homelessness.