Conor McGregor to WWE? - Former UFC star 'calls out' Vince McMahon on Instagram

Conor McGregor to WWE? - Former UFC star 'calls out' Vince McMahon on Instagram

CONOR MCGREGOR has called out WWE boss Vince McMahon on Instagram in a possible tease of his next career move.

The former UFC world champion, who retired from the Octagon last month, posted a photo of himself holding both his UFC title as well as the WWE Championship on his shoulders to his Instagram story.

In the post he wrote the caption: "McGregor vs McMahon CEO Flashmatch."

To add yet more intrigue, the 32-year-old also tagged McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie, who also works for WWE.

It isn't the first time McGregor has flirted with the idea of fighting WWE wrestlers.

Credit: thenotoriousmma Instagram

In 2016, he called WWE superstars 'dweebs' and suggested future Hall of Fame legend John Cena was ‘a big fat, 40-year-old failed Mr. Olympia motherf*****’.

He's also been accused of stealing Mr McMahon's famous walk, a strut McGregor pulls out at before his fights start.

"Vince McMahon, you don't own that walk, I own that walk, I created that walk," McGregor said in 2017.

If McGregor were to make the switch to professional wrestling, it wouldn't be the first time professional fighters have done so, nor would it be the first time for a former UFC champion.

Ronda Rousey made her WWE debut in 2018 after a number of years at the top of UFC.

Floyd Mayweather, who fought McGregor in 2017, made an appearance at WWE's Wrestlemania in 2008 to face The Big Show, while fellow boxer Tyson Fury fought WWE star Braun Strowman last year.

Whether this teasing has any substance or if McGregor's just having a bit of fun, the Irishman, with his blend of arrogance, charisma and ability to fight, would be an absolutely perfect in the world of professional wrestling.