Date for all pubs to reopen could be pushed back - says Taoiseach

Date for all pubs to reopen could be pushed back - says Taoiseach

THE REOPENING of pubs in Ireland could be delayed according to Taoiseach Micheal Martin.

Pubs with the ability to serve 'substantial meals' have been allowed to open since last Monday, with the rest of them able to reopen when Ireland enters Phase Four of the roadmap to lifting lockdown, on July 20.

However, the Taoiseach has suggested that date could be pushed back after numerous pubs around the country were caught failing to adhere to the new public health guidelines.

Gardai have spent the last seven days investigating premises around the country to make sure that pubs which are open can indeed offer customers a 'substantial meal', that social distancing is being adhered to, and that other health restrictions have been set up.

Reports indicate that most pubs have been following the guidelines, but a significant number haven't. Images and footage from Dublin over the weekend showed revellers failing to stick to distancing guidelines and showed crowds of over 100 people massing at different locations.


Speaking to Cork's Red FM, Martin said that failing to follow the rules could well lead to a rethink in the reopening date.

"As you know, the full opening was due to take place on July 20, people do need to behave, it could be delayed," he said.

"We are worried about it, some of the scenes that were witnessed are just very worrying because social distancing was not being complied with at all."

Around 50% of Ireland's pubs are yet to open following lockdown.