The incredible story of the Irish dog who befriended a dolphin off the Donegal coast

The incredible story of the Irish dog who befriended a dolphin off the Donegal coast

A DOG who befriended a dolphin on an island off the coast of Donegal in Ireland continues to astound animal lovers all over the internet.

Local Labrador Ben and his owner Pat Doohan live on Tory Island off the west coast of Ireland, where together they enjoy long walks and occasional dips in the nearby sea.

Back in 2016, Ben’s life was changed forever when he came across a lonely female dolphin who was quickly christened Duggie by Pat.

According to Rare Irish Stuff, Duggie was living and swimming around an area just off the Donegal coast after her partner died there.

She had remained in the region ever since, grieving for her loss but that all changed when she Ben while he was out for a swim.

They soon struck up a friendship, with the pair enjoying long swims lasting anywhere up to three hours, according to his owner Pat.

Spending much of their days playing together, Duggie has been known to visit the various dolphin pods that come by the region – but she always comes back to Ben.

“Occasionally a school of dolphins will go by and she will join them. When I see them I think she will forget the island and go back to her wild ways but she never does.” Pat told Rare Irish Stuff.

An unusual friendship to say the least, Ben and Duggie’s special relationship proved an internet sensation, with clips of them together shared all over the world.

Many see it as too good to be true, and an example of the kind of internet fakery that is all too commonplace in society today.

However, their unique encounters are 100% real, as a National Geographic documentary previously discovered.

It’s unclear as to whether Pat and Duggie still see each other to this day but, even revisiting their story now, makes for a heartwarming watch.