Dog cruelly pushed under gates of animal charity "getting lots of rest and cuddles"

Dog cruelly pushed under gates of animal charity "getting lots of rest and cuddles"

A DOG who received an outpouring of love after she was cruelly abandoned by her owner last week is receiving lots of TLC as she recovers from her injuries.

Last week, the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) shared a heartbreaking video of a man abandoning his dog at their sanctuary by forcibly pushing her under the gates.

The “upsetting and unacceptable” CCTV footage of the incident was posted to the DSPCA Facebook page in an attempt to find the owner, with spokesperson Gillian Bird saying "we'd love to know what the circumstances were, and in some cases, we may actually be able to prosecute for cruelty."

The dog, who the charity have named Peach, suffered multiple pelvis fractures as well as nerve damage and bruising, and the charity admitted that "the manner in which she was pushed under the gate must have been excruciating for her."

After an outpouring of both love and fury from animal lovers across Ireland, the DSPCA posted an update on how the gorgeous little Terrier cross was doing.

Thanking everyone for their concern, messages of support and flood of donations for the care of little Peach, a spokesperson wrote on the charity's Facebook page that "she is a very sweet dog but...her eyes are sad and her spirit is a little broken".

Peach is "getting lots of rest and cuddles" from both the volunteers and veterinary team at DSPCA, and while her previous owner hasn't been tracked down and therefore "we don't know anything about her past, but the goal is to repair the physical and mental damage and when she is ready we will find her the best possible home".

Peach will need two surgeries and a lot of time, care and affection to recover from the way she was treated, but is guaranteed to get the greatest of care under the DSPCA.

To help raise funds for her ongoing care, the charity have launched a competition where a 5 euro donation will enter the donor into a raffle to win a silk face mask and pillowcases from a Dublin-based company who were moved by the terrier's story.

To enter the competition, donate or find our more about the work the DSPCA do, you can visit the Facebook page here.