Dominic Cummings says Boris Johnson was 'unfit' to lead UK through pandemic and that 'thousands died who didn't need to'

Dominic Cummings says Boris Johnson was 'unfit' to lead UK through pandemic and that 'thousands died who didn't need to'

DOMINIC CUMMINGS has launched a scathing attack on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the wider UK government for failing to adequately manage the Covid-19 crisis.

While giving explosive evidence to a Commons Committee this afternoon, the Prime Minister's former adviser revealed that Mr Johnson initially dismissed the outbreak of the virus as just a "scare story", comparing it to swine flu, while refusing to listen to those warning him about the impending doom.

Cummings declared that Johnson was "unfit" to lead the country through the crisis and that thousands had died needlessly because of decisions made by the government during the last 18 months.

He described the government's handling of the pandemic "disastrous".

"In February the Prime Minister regarded this as a scare story. [He told us] 'this is just swine flu, don't worry, it's nothing to be frightened of'," Cummings admitted.

"The Prime Minister knew I blamed him for the whole situation and I did. I told him, 'we're f***ed, we're going to kill thousands of people'.

"Tens of thousands of people died, who didn't need to die," Mr Cummings added.

He also claimed that Mr Johnson did in fact say he would rather see "bodies pile high" than impose another lockdown last autumn, a controversy which mounted intense pressure upon the shoulders of the Prime Minister this month.

Cummings, who was forced out of Number 10 at the end of last year after an internal power struggle, said those on the front line of the pandemic were like "lions" being "led by donkeys".

During his testimony, he also admitted his decision to drive 250 miles from London to access childcare after fearing he had contracted Covid, and a further excursion to the nearby beauty spot to test his eyesight "was definitely a major disaster for the government and the Covid policy."

Mr Johnson defended the Government’s handling of Covid at Prime Minister’s Questions, saying: "I don’t think anybody could credibly accuse this Government of being complacent about the threat that this virus posed at any point. We have worked flat out to minimise loss of life, to protect the NHS, while they [the opposition] have flip-flopped from one position to another."