Donald Trump hits back as Barack Obama slams his 'reality show presidency'

Donald Trump hits back as Barack Obama slams his 'reality show presidency'

FORMER US president Barack Obama has been targeted by current president Donald Trump after his DNC speech accusing Trump of running his presidency like "one more reality show".

Just days after Michelle Obama delivered a blistering speech condemning Trump's 'shambles' reaction to the coronavirus pandemic and accusing him of 'emboldening' white supremacists, her husband took to the Democratic Convention stage to say his piece.

"I never expected that my successor would embrace my vision or continue my policies," Mr Obama said in an address tot he DNC via video link.

"I did hope, for the sake of our country, that Donald Trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously- that he might come to feel the weight of the office and discover some reverence for the democracy that had been placed in his care.

"But he never did."

Barack Obama condemned Donald Trump's 'reality show presidency' and urged citizens to vote for Joe Biden as president.

"For close to four years now, he's shown no interest in putting in the work; no interest in finding common ground; no interest in using the awesome power of his office to help anyone but himself and his friends; no interest in treating the presidency as anything but one more reality show that he can use to get the attention he craves.

"Donald Trump hasn't grown into the job because he can't," he continued. "And the consequences of that failure are severe. 170,000 Americans dead. Millions of jobs gone while those at the top take in more than ever.
"Our worst impulses unleashed, our proud reputation around the world badly diminished, and our democratic institutions threatened like never before."

"Whatever our backgrounds, we're all the children of Americans who fought the good fight," Mr Obama continued, including immigrants such as "Irish and Italians and Asians and Latinos told to go back where they came from".
The former Democrat president went on to urge Americans to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who he said would beat the pandemic, expand health care, rescue the economy and 'restore our standing in the world'.
A furious Donald Trump hit back at the scathing accusations, telling reporters at a press conference yesterday:
"When I see that, I see the horror that he's left us, the stupidity of the transactions that he made-- look what we're doing, we have our great border wall, we have security.
"We have the UAE deal which has been universally praised, praised by people who aren't exactly fans of Donald Trump for various reasons- I don't know why, it can't be my personality. But they're not fans.

Barack Obama left the USA with "horror" and "stupidity" Donald Trump said, responding to the comments. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
"But when I look at what we have, and how bad he was, and how ineffective a president he was, he was so ineffective, so terrible, slowest-growing recovery in the history, I guess, since 1929 when the economy...
"Don't forget, until the 'China virus' came in, we had the greatest economy in the history of the world. And now we're doing it again."

"President Obama did not do a good job, and the reason I'm here is because of President Obama and Joe Biden. Because if they did a good job, I wouldn't be here."And probably if they did a good job I wouldn't even have run, I would have been very happy- I enjoyed my previous job very much. But they did such a bad job that I stand before you as President."

The President then took to Twitter where he launched an all-caps rebuttal against Mr Obama, saying "WHY DID HE REFUSE TO ENDORSE SLOW JOE UNTIL IT WAS ALL OVER, AND EVEN THEN WAS VERY LATE? WHY DID HE TRY TO GET HIM NOT TO RUN?"

Speaking on Biden's running mate Kamal Harris, he asked in all-caps "DIDN'T SHE CALL HIM A RACIST??? DIDN'T SHE SAY HE WAS INCOMPETENT???" referring to the primary battles earlier this year.

The US presidential election will take place on 3 November this year.