Donald Trump's sons pull pints of Guinness and pose for selfies on Doonbeg pub crawl

Donald Trump's sons pull pints of Guinness and pose for selfies on Doonbeg pub crawl

THE PRESIDENT’S sons Don Trump Jr and Eric Trump enjoyed a hero’s welcome during a night on the tiles in the small Irish village of Doonbeg.

The pair embarked on a pub crawl of sorts, pouring pints of Guinness, posing for photos with locals and taking in a night of Irish American festivities.

A street party was in full swing, with crowds lining the streets with American flags and signs of support for the family.

The Trumps were treated to some local delights too, including a spot of Irish dancing.
And they further endeared themselves to the locals by shaking hands and chatting with the people of Doonbeg.

Best of all for the town’s pub patrons, the Trumps were only too happy to put their hands in their pockets and buy everyone a drink.

“Everywhere we look all we see is American flags with Irish flags. That's a beautiful thing ... It's so nice to see so thank you,” Eric told the crowds from behind the bar at local pub Tubridy’s [via Daily Mail].

A whistle-stop tour of the town that saw plenty of pints pulled, the Trump brothers took in four local pubs in the space of just one hour.

The Trumps enjoy a huge amount of support in Doonbeg, thanks in no small part to their father’s five-star golf course and hotel resort, which has proven a huge boost to the local economy through jobs and tourism.

The hotel and golf course provide 300 jobs to the local area while the resort has also boosted local suppliers, pubs and restaurants in the region.

At one point, during their stop-off at Morrissey’s pub, Eric shouted to the busy crowds:

“Does Doonbeg love Trump?” to which they replied, emphatically: “Yeah!”

Brendan Murphy, director of membership at the Doonbeg resort who accompanied the Trump brothers around the village, described the reception to The Irish Times as “unbelievable.”

“I have never seen anything like this and I have been working here for 17 years. It is exceptional. It is fantastic. It just shows you what the Trump family means to Doonbeg,” he said.

Speaking to RTE’s Morning Ireland, Eric Trump described the Doonbeg as the "best neighbours in the world".

Trump he said: "You see the support it is incredible. It is simply incredible. The whole town showed up and we’ve done a lot for Doonbeg. We love Doonbeg. We saved a great hotel. We love the people in this town and they love us."