Double-decker bus causes chaos after getting stuck under bridge in Cork

Double-decker bus causes chaos after getting stuck under bridge in Cork

A CORK city bus brought traffic to a standstill late on Friday after getting caught under a bridge. 

The No.220 Éireann double-decker ended up stuck under a bridge with a maximum height of 3.4 metres on Church Road in Cork. 

The bus, which serves Carrigaline and Crosshaven, ended up trapped for an unspecified amount of time, while tailing traffic was brought to a standstill. 

Footage of the incident soon surfaced on social media, with follows quick to quip that the bus could do with a diet after evidently piling on the pounds during lockdown. 

In a neat Halloween twist, it also emerged that the bus was stuck close to a graveyard.

It was unclear as to whether any passengers were onboard at the time or if any of them were able to exit the bus while it was jammed up. 

In any case, the vehicle was eventually eased out of its tight spot with the aid of Gardaí who attended the scene sometime after 11:15pm. 

According to CorkBeo, the bus route usually takes the double decker over the bridge at Douglas rather than under it. 

Thankfully no one was injured while the bus itself escaped with minor superficial damage. 

A Bus Éireann spokesperson confirmed to CorkBeo no injuries were incurred while, crucially, "passengers were accommodated on another vehicle to complete their journeys." 

"The vehicle was removed from the road within 90 minutes with only superficial damage."