'Drunk' Aer Lingus passenger tied to seat after putting 'his hands on a flight attendant’ during Dublin flight

'Drunk' Aer Lingus passenger tied to seat after putting 'his hands on a flight attendant’ during Dublin flight

TWO RETIRED US law enforcement officials were forced back into action after a ‘drunk’ passenger began causing chaos on an Aer Lingus flight from Florida to Dublin.

Retired sheriff Jeff Dawsy and former SWAT team member David Decarlo were just two hours into their 12-hour trip from Orlando to the Irish capital when the trouble began, Dublin Live reports.

It centred on an unnamed 30-year-old American man who, after allegedly enjoying one too many drinks, began causing problems and hassling crew on the transatlantic flight.

The ‘drunk’ and disorderly passenger was proving to be too much of a handful for the flight crew who began contemplating turning the plane around and landing in Canada.

Thankfully Jeff and David were onboard and able to take control.


Speaking to the Irish Mirror, passenger Gail Hilliard Dawsy – a relative of Jeff’s – described the unfolding drama.

“He was being rude the whole time and at one point put his hands on a flight attendant,” she told the newspaper.

“Our family is law enforcement and two of our guys assisted in restraining him.”

“The flight attendants basically said if we couldn’t get him under control we’d have to turn around and land, probably in Canada I guess, as I was looking at our flight path at the time knowing this was going to be a possibility.

“The flight attendants had some kind of handcuffs or restraints and our guys were able to control him enough so they could restrain him. We heard nothing more from him during the flight.”

Picture: Photocall Ireland

Upon landing at Dublin Airport, the plane was met by officers who dealt with the man.

In a statement to Dublin Live, Gardai said: "A 30-year-old man was arrested at Dublin Airport last Friday 22nd March 2019 after disembarking a flight from Orlando, USA.

“He was a jerk,” she told the Irish Mirror. “Gardai told me he would be in a world of s**t and most likely would never be able to return to Ireland again, certainly not with Aer Lingus.”