Dublin choir performs virtual rendition of U2’s ‘One’ in tribute to those ‘keeping us safe’

Dublin choir performs virtual rendition of U2’s ‘One’ in tribute to those ‘keeping us safe’

AN IRISH choir has paid tribute to those “keeping us safe” with a powerful virtual rendition of the iconic U2 hit One

The Dublin based Casual Choir usually meets together every two weeks with anyone and everyone invited to get involved without the need for an audition or any other commitment. 

However, with Ireland under lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic and everyone required to maintain social distancing, the choir’s efforts looked set to be significantly curtailed. 

But in a response that echoes the determined spirit of much of Ireland’s reaction to the crisis, the choir utilised modern technology to get together for an unforgettable performance. 

Joined together through the power of the internet and modern video and audio technology, the group got together to perform a spine-tingling version of the US classic One. 


An incredible amount of effort and teamwork went into the resulting performance, with singers invited to join in from Ireland and such far-flung locales as Uruguay. 

United friends and families across the world during this period of self-isolation, the video is a tribute to those “keeping us safe” and a reminder to everyone that we are all in this together. 

Writing alongside the video on Twitter, Casual Choir said: "This is what happens when we host a sofa session to keep us all singing during COVID-19. Thank you to everyone who made this video and to everyone who is keeping us safe." 

An incredible effort all round, their version of One has not gone unnoticed by Bono et al, with U2 acknowledging their incredible efforts on Twitter. 

Best of all, Casual Choir’s open-door policy remains firmly in place, with the group set to host “Sofa Sessions” during the pandemic inviting anyone with a love of singing to get involved from the comfort of their front room. 

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