Dublin Fire Brigade warn of 'invisible' fires caused by common hand sanitiser

Dublin Fire Brigade warn of 'invisible' fires caused by common hand sanitiser

DUBLIN FIRE BRIGADE (DFB) have sent out a warning to the public about the danger of spilling hand sanitiser.

They released a video which appears to show how the sanitiser can burn 'invisibly'.

The alarming clip shows regular footage of a small section of carpet which doesn't appear to be on fire, alongside thermal footage of the same spot, which shows a small flame burning.

"We set up an experiment with Merchant's Quay 61st scouts to demonstrate how a spillage of hand sanitiser can burn invisibly and unnoticed," the DFB wrote in a tweet.

"A small quantity of sanitiser was spilled on carpet and set alight. The fire is clearly visible on the thermal image camera."

As per the fire brigade's advice, all hand sanitiser dispensers should be equipped with drip-trays and any spillages should be cleaned immediately.

They also stress that dispensers should never be placed above or on a carpet.

A DFB spokesperson said: "It's because of the alcohol content. Alcohol/ethanol burns with an almost invisible flame."

"Dispensers should have an integrated drip tray, or tray underneath to catch spillages. Any spillages should be cleaned up immediately. Never install a dispenser above carpet," the spokesperson added.

"Hand sanitiser has a flash point as low as 23 degrees Celsius."