Dublin named among the best places in the world to spend Christmas

Dublin named among the best places in the world to spend Christmas

DUBLIN HAS been named among the best cities in the world to spend Christmas in.

The Irish capital’s reputation as one of the most popular destinations on the planet to visit over the festive season has long been established.

Now, a new countdown from international flower vendors Bloom and Wild have revealed “15 of the best cities to visit at Christmas” – and with good reason.

While Dublin’s heady mix of incredible scenery, great food and some of the best pubs on the planet are all traditionally seen as the main reasons to visit, Bloom and Wild offered up some alternative excuses to head over for an unforgettable Christmas.

The city was praise for “flight costs during the holidays, the price of a restaurant meal on Christmas Day, average annual snowfall, and how soon the Christmas lights are switched on.”
Dublin’s famous pubs got a mention, of course.

Photo:Sam Boal /RollingNews.ie

"If your idea of Christmas heaven is wrapping up warm for an epic pub crawl across endless cobbled streets, then Dublin is the place for you," the review reads.

It wasn’t all about boozing either, with the city’s unique cultural highlights also garnering plenty of praise.

"The iconic Irish city will welcome the festive season from 19th November in 2018, hosting the highly-anticipated Procession of Light that brings everyone together for a memorable celebration meets spectacle."

Even if it’s a touch too late in the day to book a trip over to Dublin for Christmas now, the list could provide some inspiration for anyone planning a trip in 2019.

And if you thought Christmas in Dublin was good, just wait until you experience New Year...