Dublin ranked as most popular city break destination in Europe

Dublin ranked as most popular city break destination in Europe

DUBLIN has been listed as the most popular city break destination on the continent.

The Irish capital topped the charts as the most sought after holiday spot worldwide following a recent study by CitySuites.

The Manchester-based luxury aparthotel analysed Google search data to decipher which cities are searched for the most by people looking to for hotel breaks.

Dublin tipped the likes of London, Paris and Barcelona as Europe's ultimate city getaway, with an average of 305,000 searches being made each month for 'Hotels in Dublin'.

London made 2nd place, with Paris, Amsterdam and Edinburgh also making up the Top 5 positions.

Manchester, Liverpool and York made the top ten on the list, as did Rome and Budapest.


As for searches from the UK specifically, Dublin ranked 4th, behind the likes of London, Edinburgh and Manchester - I guess you wouldn't have to fly there, would you?

It isn't hard to imagine why Dublin scored so highly.

The Irish capital has one of the highest tourist-to-local ratios of any city worldwide, and provides 'family roots' to much of the UK and the US.

It's a city of literature, music and conviviality, Dublin is a place to both unwind and to get the creative juices flowing.

There's a reason Irish culture has spread to all corners of the world, because there's something universally pleasant and all-encompassing about it.