Dublin's famous Temple Bar has come to the UK

Dublin's famous Temple Bar has come to the UK

A PUB in the north-east of England has channeled its inner Irish spirit by painting the exterior bright red - paying homage to the famous Temple Bar in Dublin.

Flanagan's in Sunderland, is a new-build, but aims to mirror "the feel of Dublin" with their eye-catching makeover.

Credit: Flanagan's Sunderland Facebook

Speaking to the Sunderland Echo, Jeremy Elder, 50, who co-owns the pub says he wanted to emulate Dublin's Temple Bar with the vibrant exterior and live music to boot.

He'd managed to secure plenty of big-names to perform on launch night such as nineties star Sonia and Irish X factor singer Mary Byrne.

Elder says that he even had The Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan lined up to appear on the opening night, but the 'Fairytale of New York' star was apparently too unwell to make the trip.

The plan was for MacGowan officially unveil the opening of the 'The Pogues Lounge' at Flanagan's - a late-night drinking area named in honour of the eighties band.

Credit: Flanagan's Sunderland Facebook

"Unfortunately he [MacGowan] was not able to make it as he was not too well at the time. But he has sent us a signed message wishing us good luck which was good of him," said Elder.

The exterior is undoubtedly an eye-catcher, and as Mr. Elder says, it's definitely something "a bit unique" for the city of Sunderland, aptly paying tribute to the wonderfully distinctive Temple Bar.

"You can see it from miles away and it is a way of inviting people in to enjoy a real Irish pub, with Irish food, drink and music. People know if you go to an Irish bar that you are going to have a good time with friendly people even if you might not be able to remember it," Elder added.

"So we are hoping as many people as possible are going to come along and help us paint the town red."

Paying Tribute: Dublin's famous Temple Bar

Other than a bright-red paint-job and a Celtic-punk-band-themed lounge, there are plenty of other Irish touches littered around the place.

Flanagan's offers a wide selection of Irish whiskeys, beers, newspapers and all the best Irish sport on a bunch of big screens.

Added to the promise of free live music every Friday and Saturday night, and a 3am closing time on weekends - it makes me wonder what we're not all doing there right now.