Earthquake detected off the coast of Ireland

Earthquake detected off the coast of Ireland

AN EARTHQUAKE was recorded off the coast of Ireland last weekend.

The Irish National Seismic Network (INSN) recorded a magnitude 2.5 earthquake at around 9.19pm on the evening of Sunday, December 15.

The seismic event was detected some 90km northeast of Dublin in the Irish Sea.

According to the INSN no reports were received of anyone feeling the impact of the earthquake on shore.

The earthquake was followed by another, smaller one, off the coast of Blackpool in England, at around 6.23am on Monday, December 16.

This second seismic event measured in at magnitude 17.

Seven events of this kind have been reported in or near Ireland in the past year.

The INSN confirmed that small earthquakes of this kind are a “regular” occurrence in the Irish Sea.

They also revealed a similar, smaller earthquake, was detected a few months ago.

An earthquake struck the Philippines over the weekend, measuring 6.9 magnitude, in a seismic event that led to several deaths in the region.