Europe and North of Ireland dominate Taoiseach's meeting with Prime Minister

Europe and North of Ireland dominate Taoiseach's meeting with Prime Minister

BRITAIN’S Prime Minister and Ireland’s Taoiseach have concluded their talks in London today on British-Irish relations.

Enda Kenny arrived in Britain yesterday for the two-day visit, with today’s talk the main event of his trip.

The discussions were dominated by the key issues of the potential "Brexit" as well as the North of Ireland.

Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed his “good friend Enda Kenny” to Number 10, Downing Street, this afternoon for the talks, after an Taoiseach's earlier visit to the Whispering Hope Centre in Kentish Town.

Both spoke positively of the “flourishing” relations between Ireland and Britain, with Mr Cameron highlighting the booming trade over the Irish Sea as a key point.


“We continue to strengthen our bilateral relationship,” he said after the talks. “Trade is now worth over €1 billion a week between Ireland and Britain, which is excellent news.”

Britain’s future in the EU was one of the biggest discussions on the table, with Mr Kenny reiterating his view that Britain should remain in the union.

"It is in our interests and the interests of the EU that Britain should stay in the union," he said.

“I want Britain to remain in the EU, but in a reformed Europe,” Mr Cameron responded. “I think it’s only right to have this referendum, it’s important to ask the people to make this decision.”

Both Mr Cameron and Mr Kenny remained tight-lipped on the content of their discussions on the Troubles, including the Dublin-Monaghan bombings and the murder of Pat Finucane.

These cases have made the headlines again this week, after an RTÉ documentary investigated collusion between the British secret service and loyalist paramilitaries at the height of the Troubles.

Also up for discussion was the Stormont Agreement, with both prime ministers reaffirming their commitment to carrying out the terms of the Agreement to their full extent.