Everyone is going crazy for Chris Evans’ Irish Aran sweater in 'Knives Out'

Everyone is going crazy for Chris Evans’ Irish Aran sweater in 'Knives Out'

CHRIS EVANS is currently winning rave reviews for his latest film, Knives Out – but the Captain America actor is in danger of being overshadowed by choice of clothing.

While much of the online chatter surrounding Rian Johnson’s critically acclaimed Agatha Christie-style whodunit has concerned the stellar cast and whip-smart script, there’s also be a considerable amount of discussion about Evans’ jumper (or "sweater" to use the American parlance).

Currently rated at 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, fans have been quick to praise Evans’ attire on Twitter.

One fan loved the movie but admitted they would “be thinking about Chris Evans in these sweaters for a long time.”

Another concurred, claiming they couldn’t “stop thinking about Chris Evans in knives out wearing that cable knit sweater” with a third declaring:

“Chris Evans in a sweater. that's it, that's the tweet.”

One journalist even reported hearing the girl next to her gasp before saying “very softly and tenderly, “Sweater.””

Named after the Aran Islands that lie in the mouth of Galway Bay, the Aran sweater was the garment of choice for many an islander working as either a fisherman or farmer in the region.

Passed on from generation to generation as a symbol of Irish heritage, the original Aran sweaters were made using a distinctive stitching pattern designed to reflect the lives of the knitters and their families.

Water repellent, their natural wool fibre creates a breathable garment that draws water vapour away from the skin and into the air, ensuring the body maintains an ideal temperature.

A much-in-demand garment today, while real Aran sweaters will set you back a considerable amount. Thankfully, Evans has it covered in that respect.

A string of fan accounts have already begun springing up in honour of the jumper.

Another proud day for Ireland.