Fermanagh lads go viral with hilarious spoof of Westlife 'Flying Without Wings' music video

Fermanagh lads go viral with hilarious spoof of Westlife 'Flying Without Wings' music video

A GROUP of lads from Fermanagh have become overnight internet sensations after their hilarious recreation of the music video for Westlife's classic hit Flying With Out Wings went viral online.

The clip was put together as part of Stars in Their Eyes competition that took place in Kesh as part of the annual Kesh Festival and has proven a hit with fans and critics of the band alike.

According to the Irish Mirror, friends Robert Anderson, Nicky Noble, Nigel Beacom, and Alex Middlemas took to the stage at the festival as Keshlife to perform a medley of Westlife hits like Uptown Girl and You Raise Me Up.

Far from seasoned singers, the group are friends from a local football club and decided to collaborate in the name of craic.

But it was with their attempt at recreating the video for Flying Without Wings that the boys found online fame.


In light of the recent Westlife announcement.... Check out our ‘Flying Without Wings’ intro video which ran as part of this years Kesh Carnival....Who knows we could even be the support act 🤔
Shanefilan Kian Egan Nicky Byrne @mark_feehily
Watch this space 😂

Posted by DJ Bob on Thursday, October 18, 2018


What makes the amusing clip all the more impressive is the fact it was apparently filmed in the back of a van.

Band member Robert Anderson told the Irish Mirror:

"We were surprised on how well the video actually turned out considering it was filmed in the back of a van, we got white paper roll taped up around it and some purple lighting. A local guy Declan Grimes videoed it."

This may not be the last we hear of Keshlife either, with the guys still keen to put their unique spin on the Irish boyband's signature hits.

In the meantime, the guys are hoping their efforts will get noticed by the band themselves and that a few tickets for their upcoming Croke Park gigs get sent their way.

Westlife are reforming for a major reunion tour and have already announced plans for a new album featuring songs penned by the likes of Ed Sheeran.