Love/Hate actor's powerful new film chronicles the impact of cancer on an Irish family

Love/Hate actor's powerful new film chronicles the impact of cancer on an Irish family

A NEW film drama showcasing a young father's battle with cancer is set to shine a light on the devastating impact the disease can have on Irish families.

For Molly stars Kieran O'Reilly and Laura Butler as young couple Evan Brady and Laura Butler, who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new baby girl, Molly, while planning for their wedding.

Their entire life is turned upside down, however, when Evan discovers he has cancer.

Facing an uncertain future, he begins chronicling his experience over a series of home video recordings designed for his soon-to-arrive daughter.

It gives Evan a chance to offer up some fatherly advice for the future while also coming to terms with his own predicament.

O'Reilly, who is best known for his work on Love/Hate, takes centre stage in what could be his most powerful and multi-layered performance to date.

An intimate portrait of one man and one family's battle against an all-too-common illness, For Molly was filmed over just five days, on a shoestring budget and for next to no money.



Speaking on the film's official website, For Molly director Cathal Kenna explained the motivations behind his new film:

"In recent times some of my close family and friends have been affected by cancer. For Molly came about as a result of those experiences. With this film I hope we can highlight some important issues relating to cancer care and prevention by raising awareness particularly among younger sections of the population.

"I also hope the film will serve as a tool to promote the great work performed by local cancer support groups, services, and advocates working to ensure that the best possible care is available to those experiencing the impact of the disease in Ireland."

The Irish Cancer Society estimates that someone in Ireland is diagnosed with cancer every three minutes.

The National Cancer Registry of Ireland also estimates one in two of us will get the same diagnosis within our lifetime.

Not only does the film chronicle the pain of dealing with the illness and also highlights the services available to those suffering from the disease.

The team behind For Molly will also be providing links to any the local cancer support services on offer in the towns and cities where the film will be screened.



A portion of the funds from the film's opening night box office proceeds will also go to the following Irish cancer support groups:

To find out information about a screening near you, visit the film's official website here.