'French bulldog mauled, child threatened' by uncontrolled dog on Dublin beach

'French bulldog mauled, child threatened' by uncontrolled dog on Dublin beach

A DUBLIN woman has issued a warning for dog owners and parents to be careful after her sister's pet dog was allegedly attacked by another hound.

It is alleged that a woman was walking at Balbriggan beach with her French bulldog and eight-year-old son when they were set upon by an aggressive dog.

According to Dublin Live, the dog attacked the woman's bulldog, biting it and allegedly ripping its ear off, leaving the pet requiring stitches.

The woman was walking on Balbriggan beach when the incident occurred (Image: Wikipedia / William Murphy)

The dog then allegedly turned on the woman's eight-year-old son and tried to bite him, though did not succeed.

The outlet reports that the woman's sister said she is "heartbroken" and "very upset over the whole incident".

"My sister's dog now needs stitches and she is very upset over the whole incident," she told the outlet.

"The dog also tried to bite my 8-year-old nephew and clearly should not be off any lead or around other people or animals."

Bizarrely, when confronted after the dog attacked, the owner themselves became aggressive and would not cooperate, before taking their dog and running away.

The woman's sister went on to appeal for people to be "very careful" if walking their dog or with their young family at the beach as "I don't want the same thing to happen to another family".

The Gardaí have been informed of the alleged incident.