Game of Thrones: Controversial Season 8 dominates early Emmy Awards

Game of Thrones: Controversial Season 8 dominates early Emmy Awards

IT'S been a while, but remember how angry we all were when the final series of Game of Thrones landed earlier this year?

Well, I say 'angry', most of us with our heads screwed on were probably a little disappointed at best.

After all as fun as Game of Thrones was, its popularity was driven by its over-the-top quasi-political storylines, the constant edge-of-your-seat anticipation of a twist - which eventually served to do just the opposite of its original tension-inducing purpose - and its unmatchable production value (dragons are cool and stuff).

But in terms of a piece of cinema, Thrones was never really award-winning (be honest, now). Character and storyline development suffered for the sake of grand visuals and inorganic shocks, and the ending felt more rushed than a middle-aged bloke cramming in his Christmas shopping on December 24.

Its popularity was award-winning, though, and for better or worse that's what made the final season (or 3 depending on who you speak to) so polarising.

That being said, the final season has seen the HBO hit-series sweep the early Emmy awards, despite a petition for the season to be re-shot collecting over a million signatures.

It's been nominated for a record-breaking 32 Emmy awards, and has already secured 10 of them.

On Sunday, the Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremony took place (a kind of pre-show - because the actual awards is just so flippin' long), with the 'proper' awards set to begin on September 22.

The Creative Arts Emmys celebrate things like guest acting, animation, and categories related to things like score, cinematography and production design - so it's no surprise to see Thrones do so well last night.

Thrones took home 10 Emmy awards. Here's all of them

  • Outstanding Sound Editing for a Comedy or Drama series
  • Outstanding Special Visual Effects
  • Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes
  • Outstanding Makeup for a Single-Camera Series
  • Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series,
  • Limited Series or Movie Outstanding Main Title Design
  • Outstanding Music Composition for a Series
  • Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series
  • Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series
  • Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series

Note how only one of them is for a category not to do with visual effects/production value. Kind of makes sense right?

Most of the awards were secured by the episode The Long Night, y'know the battle against the White Walkers where literally nothing made any sense but it all 'looked cool'. Well looking cool has clearly worked for them, and it'll probably land them a fair few more pointy award statues in a week's time.