Garda whistleblower John Wilson unable to seek new employment

Garda whistleblower John Wilson unable to seek new employment

GARDA whistleblower John Wilson says he cannot get a job because he has not been issued with the Certificate of Service he needs as a reference.

Wilson resigned as a Garda in May 2013 after highlighting widespread abuse of the penalty points system. He along with Sergeant Maurice McCabe have since been vindicated for highlighting malpractice.

But the 51-year-old says he has been prevented from seeking further employment because his former employer will not issue the service record he needs.

“I was seen as poison in the force,” he told The Irish Post. “They will do nothing to facilitate me. But this is something they could turn around in a couple of days.

“I made the initial request 16 months ago and I cannot get another job without this reference. This is something I require urgently. I am under pressure in terms of financial commitments, like most people. I’m being hounded by a mortgage company. I need to work. This is something I require urgently.”

The former Cavan Garda was diagnosed with cancer early this year but has since responded well to treatment following surgery to remove a tumour.

The Garda Press Office had yet to comment at time of going to Press.