Gardaí deliver over 500 Easter Greeting Cards to people cocooned and in isolation

Gardaí deliver over 500 Easter Greeting Cards to people cocooned and in isolation

GARDAI IN Ireland have today delivered over 500 Easter Greeting Cards and chocolate eggs to people cocooned and in isolation. 

Navan Community Gardaí delivered the thoughtful gifts to vulnerable residents across Meath. 

That number includes residents at four local Nursing homes. 

It follows an appeal by Meath gardaí for 100 cards for the county’s elderly and vulnerable. 

But what started as an initiative to encourage young people to reach out to their elders in a fun and creative way was met by an incredible nationwide response. 

Navan community garda Stacey Looby explained to Breaking News: "I had hoped for 100 cards for 68 residents in a nursing home and another 30 who I shop for and visit while they are in isolation. 

"So I put out an appeal and within a week, I had nearly 500 cards from children from Tipperary, Limerick, Offaly - every county in the country almost.” 

Officers received a wide variety of handmade cards featuring messages of encouragement and, in a few instances, poems of hope for the future. 

"They are from girls and boys from all ages just wanting to help put a smile on someone who may feel a little lonely this Easter,” Stacey said. 

“It's lovely that they'll know someone is thinking of them." 

Officers have been careful to ensure each and every card is delivered virus-free too. 

With coronavirus capable of remaining on paper for up to 24 hours, they stopped receiving new cards a week ago. 

Those they did received were placed in a sealed box where they have remained for a week to ensure any and all traces of the virus have died and they are safe to distribute. 

Officers have now begun handing out the cards to delighted local residents with the help of Navan’s Meals on Wheels service.