Gardaí force Irish pub to halt its Guinness delivery service

Gardaí force Irish pub to halt its Guinness delivery service

A DONEGAL pub's Guinness delivery service has been dramatically halted by gardaí. 

O’Flaherty’s Bar in Buncrana had been getting pints of the Irish stout out to customers by car and bicycle since lockdown began as part of their innovative ‘Guinness Express’ service. 

However, they have now been forced to temporarily cease trading after a surprise visit from gardaí over the weekend who accused them of operating the service illegally. 

According to O'Flaherty's Bar, despite shutting down the service and confiscating 20 pints of freshly-poured Guinness, officers were unable to tell the bar which law they had contravened. 

A spokesperson for O’Flaherty’s confirmed they would no longer be taking deliveries following the garda intervention. 

"Sorry folks unfortunately tonight we were forced to stop the Guinness Express. 20mins ago we were swarmed by one undercover garda two patrol cars one sergeant and one uniformed garda. 

"Despite being unable to tell us after two weeks what law we were breaking they confiscated our remaining 20 pints of Guinness (currently situated at Buncrana garda station). 

"So any pre payments that were made we will gladly refund the payment asap if you contact this page thank you. 


While the shutdown will result in a significant loss of trade, the pub’s owners were able to see the funny side, inviting customers to leave comments under the announcement with 20 free pints up for grabs for the funniest– once pubs open again, of course.

Speaking to the Irish Times, local Garda Superintendent Eugene McGovern said the service had been shut down following complaints from the public. 

“We can confirm that an operation was put in place as a result of public complaints. Alcohol was seized and a file on the matter will be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions,” he said.