Gardaí launch investigation as 'anti-mask protesters' harass passengers on Dublin tram

Gardaí launch investigation as 'anti-mask protesters' harass passengers on Dublin tram

AN GARDA Síochána have launched an investigation into an apparent anti-mask protest which took place on a Luas tram yesterday afternoon.

A video posted to social media yesterday showed a number of passengers not wearing masks, one holding a megaphone, and many of them harassing and mocking other passengers for wearing facial coverings.

The video showed at least 20 passengers chanting 'End the lockdown' and 'We are the 99%'.

When another passenger attempted to talk to them, they began chanting 'We can't hear a word with your mask'.


The group had allegedly been seen protesting at the Health Service Executive shortly before boarding the Luas.

The video was part of a four-hour livestream by protester Radoslaw Kaliszuk-- who boasted that he had flown into Dublin Airport from abroad just hours before the Luas protest.

He did not wear a mask on the flight, and was moved to a row on his own so as not to upset the "muzzled" passengers, he said.

In a statement issued yesterday evening, a spokesperson for the Luas service said:

"An incident occurred this evening involving a group of people not wearing face coverings on board a Red Line tram. The Luas CCTV footage captured is high quality and is being passed to the Gardaí to assist them with their investigation into the incident.

"It is against the law to travel on Luas without wearing a face covering, with limited exemptions only. We thank the vast majority of Luas customers who cooperate and wear face coverings while travelling."


An Garda Síochána have confirmed they have opened an investigation into the incident.