The ginger emoji has finally arrived on iPhone - but not all redheads are happy

The ginger emoji has finally arrived on iPhone - but not all redheads are happy

REDHEADS ARE rejoicing the arrival of the new ginger emoji on the Apple iPhone but not everyone is happy with the update.

The redhead emoji is one of 70 new additions introduced as part of the iOS 12.1 update alongside a variety of new hair options and smiley faces.

A change that's been some time in the making having been first announced on World Emoji Day back in July, the new addition has been welcomed by plenty of ginger folk online.

Many took to Twitter to celebrate the new emoji arrival using the hashtag #justiceforgingers.

Despite the new addition of the ginger emoji, some redheads online have been left unhappy with the update.

Their particular gripe relates to the lack of variety among the ginger emojis.

The main bone of contention revolves around the lack of emotional variety among the new ginger emoji.

Some have also expressed disappointment at the lack choice when it comes to different ginger emoji.

In fact, some well left feeling something close to discrimination because of the lack of options for ginger emoji compared with emoji boasting other hair colours.

The whole thing has ended up leaving some ginger folk feeling a little bit flat about the new emoji arrival.

Some tried to take their complaints all the way to the top.

Apple, however, has yet to respond and is unlikely to usher in another immediate change.

Other new emoji additions include animals like a lobster, parrot, kangaroo, and peacock while grey-haired, curly-haired and bald characters have also been added.

A selection of new fruits and vegetables, including lettuce and mango, have been added along with a variety of sweet treats that include a cupcake icon.

New smileys include a party face, pleading face, cold face and face surrounded by hearts.

There’s also an infinity sign, an evil eye symbol and a test tube among other notable emoji highlights.