Growing number of parents in US naming their babies 'Clover' after St Patrick’s Day symbol for luck

Growing number of parents in US naming their babies 'Clover' after St Patrick’s Day symbol for luck

THE UNITED States has always had a special relationship with Ireland.

With countless Irish immigrants shipping out in the hopes of living the American dream, it’s fair to say the Irish share plenty in common with their transatlantic cousins.

It’s uncommon to see Irish surnames like Brady and O’Connor popping up all over US of A, but Irish first names are a little rarer.

Even rarer still are names inspired by Ireland’s patron saint of St Patrick.

However, with new parents increasingly in search of distinctive first names for their offspring, some rather unusual names have entered the lexicon.


According to Baby Gaga, a growing number are seeking inspiration in unusual places such as plants or flowers.

“Names like Anna and Jacob can be overused and, in 2020, it is not unusual to think out of the box when it comes to baby names,” Sierra Robinson explains.

“Botanical names aren't anything new or completely out of the ordinary; in fact, names like Lily, Daisy, Rosemary, and Rose have been around for decades.”

According to Baby Gaga’s rundown of the 10 most popular plant/flower inspired efforts, some parents are even considering naming their child Clover – as in Four-leaf Clover.

Robinson explains: “A four-leaf clover is supposed to bring forth good fortune to those who find them, and that's a lot like with this adorable girl's name!”

“A clover represents good luck and would be an awesome name for any baby girl born in the month of March around Saint Patricks Day or if someone is just searching for a perfectly different baby name for their baby!”

Whether the name ends up being commonplace among new-borns remains to be seen but with plenty in the US boasting Irish heritage, it wouldn't be a massive surprise to see a few young baby Clovers popping up in the next few years.


They'll certainly be lucky.