Guinness unveils new Guinness-glazed Chocolate Stout Donuts

Guinness unveils new Guinness-glazed Chocolate Stout Donuts

GUINNESS IS celebrating the arrival of summer in style with a brand-new donut boasting a flavour inspired by the iconic Irish stout.

The new Guinness Chocolate Stout Donut sounds like the stuff of dreams.

But this is no fantasy – it’s actually the work of an exciting new partnership between Diageo and the Great Spirits Baking Company.

The two companies have teamed up to offer a range of alcohol-inspired sweet treat creations based around some of the world’s best loved booze.

While this delightful Guinness donut may only be the beginning of the fun, it’s going to take something pretty special to better it.

Blending notes of cocoa with caramel and coffee, the donut’s true crowning glory comes courtesy of the Guinness-flavoured glaze slathered across it.

Welcome to food heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth or an appreciation of an Irish classic.

While DIY Guinness-based dessert recipes are nothing new to the Irish Post, this is one indulgence you are going to want to leave to the professionals.

Originally launched on June 4th to coincide with National Donut Day, these slabs of bakery brilliance are still available to purchase today – and long may that continue.

There is one twist for anyone reading from outside the US, however – these bad boys are only available in the States.

Retailing at anywhere between $4.99 and $5.99, the hope is that the popularity of the donuts will see them debut in other continents across the world.

We live in hope.