'Heading' to court: Vandals arrested for stealing heads from Dublin Wax Museum

'Heading' to court: Vandals arrested for stealing heads from Dublin Wax Museum

PEOPLE IN Dublin must not have known what to think yesterday as they watched Gardaí arrest two people and take a severed head from them.

Thankfully, the story isn’t one of a new serial killer from Ireland, but is actually—somehow—even more bizarre.

An Garda Síochána announced via a pun-ridden Facebook post today that three heads had been stolen from popular tourist spot The Wax Museum.

The museum’s staff members managed to find two of the heads thanks to help from the public; I guess you could say they put their heads together.

It was up to Gardaí to recover the final missing head, but it seemed the thieves were always one step….ahead.


‘’Where ye ‘heading’ with that?’…! The heads of 3 wax statues were stolen yesterday from the Wax Museum in Dublin. 2...

Gepostet von An Garda Síochána am Donnerstag, 22. August 2019

Gardaí eventually caught up to the thieves on Pearse Street and got the grey-haired, bearded head back, but judging by the head’s glassy eyes and waxy skin, the whole ordeal came as a real shock.

The thieves, one male, one female, were arrested at the scene and, as punned by the Gardaí, will soon be ‘heading’ to court.

We don’t know what the perpetrators were thinking. Who decides on a whim to visit the Wax Museum, decapitate three statues and run away?

We guess they just lost the head.