High temperature warning comes into effect in Ireland as Met Éireann highlights risks

High temperature warning comes into effect in Ireland as Met Éireann highlights risks

A STATUS Yellow High Temperature warning has come into effect in Ireland, with Met Éireann urging people to be aware of the risks.

The warning, which came into effect this morning, predicts temperatures could reach 32 degrees Celsius during Sunday and Monday.

The meteorological service has warned that soaring temperatures could result in heat stress, especially for the more vulnerable of the population, as well as a high solar UV index and a risk of water related incidents.

On Saturday, a man in his 60s died after getting into difficulty in a lake in Co. Laois.

Met Éireann meteorologist Paul Downes has said the rising temperatures are a result an Azores high pressure system moving in from the west meeting a low pressure system moving northwards from Portugal.

"As the high begins to drift a little to the east on Sunday, temperatures will rise to mid-to-upper 20s with temperatures possibly surpassing 30 locally on Monday," he wrote on the Met Éireann website.

"There is a little more uncertainty regarding Tuesday but it does look like it will be another hot day and perhaps as hot if not hotter than Monday.

"While this warmer air moves in our direction there will be the chance of a few thundery bursts, especially on Tuesday."

Enjoying the warm weather at sandycove on Saturday (Image: Leah Farrell/Rollingnews)

He added: "On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday exceptionally warm weather will occur over Ireland with daytime temperatures of 25 to 30 degrees generally and possibly up to 32 degrees in places on Monday.

"Night time temperatures will range from 15 to 20 degrees."

Temperatures are set to ease on Tuesday night into Wednesday as the low pressure system moves up over Ireland, steering in cooler air from the west for the rest of the week.

Met Éireann says that temperatures will return to more normal levels of around 16 to 20 degrees on Wednesday.

There will be a fair amount of cloud and some scattered showers, with a few sunny breaks and light-to-moderate northwest breezes.

Thursday and Friday will be mainly dry with bright or sunny spells and a few showers.

Temperatures will range from about 16 to 21 degrees with light breezes on those days.

The government has recently launched a Be Summer Ready information booklet, which can be downloaded from here.