‘Houdini’ the goat finally caught and united with new husband after evading capture for three weeks

‘Houdini’ the goat finally caught and united with new husband after evading capture for three weeks

HOUDINI the goat, who, strolling around a Mayo town for the last month, managed to elude the authorities, has finally been caught.

The rogue goat became a national sensation after she was sighted at several locations in Kiltimagh town for over three and a half weeks – yet always managed to avoid capture.

A gallery of wanted posters soon began popping up as people snapped her strutting her stuff around the town.

In one picture, the fugitive grass grazer was seen emerging from the doorway of a local pharmacy.

Describing the ordeal of tracking her down, one local animal rescue centre said it had been "very, very frustrating" being one step – or trot – behind the elusive ewe.

Image: Byrne's Totalhealth Pharmacy, Kiltimagh

Emma Semple from Furry Friends Animal Rescue in Charlestown previously told the Irish Sun: "We've been after this goat for about three and a half weeks now. As soon as anybody gets there to catch her, she's disappeared again."

Houdini was finally spotted and swiftly apprehended in the area by local resident Mark Snee, who followed the authorities’ advice and kept the freedom loving escapee penned up until their arrival.

Back in safe hands, she has been transferred to Furry Friends Animal Rescue where she has been paired up with her new husband, Buck the Pygmy goat.

Buck, who was found abandoned last year, has undergone an amazing transformation from an emaciated and bald goat to a fit and healthy billy.

Hopefully now that she’s been found, Houdini can be restored to full health like her new husband.

As Buck has been gelded, the pair are not expecting babies but will, in time, be looking for a pet home together.

Local volunteer Clodagh Meehan has taken responsibility for helping to facilitate the couple’s happiness.

The charity praised the combined efforts of the media and the local community for helping to find Houdini– who is adjusting to rescue life well – and bring her home.

The sanctuary offers animals – including a goose, terrapins, ponies, horses, donkeys, pigs, and of course, goats – in dire straits a last chance at finding a home.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, Emma stressed that the overheads of the rescue are high, so if anybody would like to donate towards their care, please call 089 4182121 or email [email protected]