Hundreds of teenagers crash Kildare house party after invite goes viral online

Hundreds of teenagers crash Kildare house party after invite goes viral online

A HOUSE party in County Kildare got severely out of hand earlier this week as hundreds of revellers showed up uninvited.

In a scene straight out of Project X, up to 200 teenagers gatecrashed a girls' party in a housing estate in Leixlip after the invitation went viral.

Speaking to Today FM, the girl's father said he had told his daughter she could have a few friends around as he was going away for the night, but they had no idea the gathering would turn into a huge party.

"She made a private story or something on Snapchat, did a little invite with all the names on it," dad Kevin said. "We've all done stuff like that as teenagers."

"Someone screenshot it, put it on a public story, and then it just went viral. People turned up from everywhere!"

Dashcam footage of the estate shows throngs of young people walking down the estate after being moved on by Gardaí, with little to no adherence to social distancing.

“I mean there could have been 200 people turned up," he continued.

"Luckily, they didn’t get into the house, the house wasn’t destroyed. There was nothing broken, nothing stolen so it was just broken up on time."

Gardaí confirmed they attended the scene of a large party at around 7pm in the evening and broke up the gathering.

Three teenagers were arrested, with footage of one arrest circulating on social media as a black teenager shouts that he can't breathe as two Gardaí hold him down by kneeling on his legs and keeping a hand on his shoulder-- you can read more about the arrest here.

It is understood that revellers came from Blanchardstown, Ballyfermot, Clondalkin, Lucan, Maynooth Celbridge and further afield to attend the party.