'I hope Donald Trump gets re-elected, I respect his values' - Kerry TD

'I hope Donald Trump gets re-elected, I respect his values' - Kerry TD

DANNY Healy-Rae says he wants to Donald Trump to win the US election.

The Kerry Independent TD said he was an avid supporter of the president, and deeply respected his conservative values.

He stressed that a Trump was victory was the best thing for America, particularly given the way the Republican leader had "turned around" the US economy.

Healy-Rae added that he thought Trump's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic was "right from the very start," and agreed that "China should be investigated and held to account" over the crisis.

"I am hopeful President Trump will be re-elected because I appreciate the values that he has, especially being anti-abortion, and I really respect him for that," he told the Irish Independent.

"I am also thinking of the American economy, and the way that has been turned around.

"I follow American politics and have done for many years and I believe that he (Trump) has done a great job," Healy-Rae added.

"Yes, he can make rash and radical statements, but I feel it’s his way of attracting attention for a lot of the good work that he has been doing. And I hope that he’' be re-elected this evening and look forward to that."

The Irish politician said he'd be staying up as late as possible to watch the coverage of the election this evening.

"It will depend how long it goes on. I always do watch American elections and of course have been an avid follower, like I said, since the days of John F. Kennedy, who my father (former TD Jackie Healy Rae) really adored.

"I have an interest in the American presidency since then. But I have a renewed interest since President Trump took over and I have met many people from the Midwest of the United States who said that it (the region) was totally and absolutely forgotten until Trump took over - and that their places have been revitalised and re-energised since he took over. So I really hope that he that he wins the election again.

"I will just stay up as late as possible (watching on television), but tomorrow's another day and we have to be underway again here and in Dublin to represent the people of Kerry again tomorrow."