Ian Bailey labels Sinéad O'Connor a 'She Devil'

Ian Bailey labels Sinéad O'Connor a 'She Devil'

IAN BAILEY has branded Sinéad O'Connor a "she devil" and claims the singer has been bombarding him with text messages ever since their meeting last week.

The two met up outside a restaurant in Co. Cork to discuss, among other things, Bailey's alleged involvement in the death of Sophie Toscan du Plantier.

Since the interview, which was published in the Irish Sunday Independent, the two have been trading blows online.

Bailey claims O'Connor has been hounding him with texts, branding him "woman-hating" and even urged him to check into rehab. O'Connor on the other hand has called Bailey a liar, on numerous occasions since they met.

But the Englishman says he's ready to turn the other cheek and forgive the Irish singer, and even offer his side of their encounter in a new poem.

"Sinéad is a She Devil but I forgive her because I'm a Christian," Bailey told the Irish Sun.

"I am going to give my own side of our meeting in an essay called How I Met The She Devil."

Bailey is the self-confessed prime suspect for the murder of Ms Toscan du Plantier, who was killed outside her home near Schull, Co. Cork on December 23, 1996.

The Manchester-born former journalist, who lived a stone's throw away from Sophie's house at the time, was arrested twice by gardaí in the months following her death, but was never charged.

During their interview, O'Connor says she asked Bailey a series of questions about Ms Toscan du Plantier's murder that no reporter had ever asked him before.

She claims that in response Bailey got "quite aggressive", something the 64-year-old denies.

The murder suspect claims to have received recent texts from Sinéad, which read: 'You are a woman hating, woman blaming sleeveen of a devil worshipping maggot, and a moron who won’t shut up.'