Incredible Belfast mum gives birth to 'miracle' twins after recovering from ten-day Covid-19 coma

Incredible Belfast mum gives birth to 'miracle' twins after recovering from ten-day Covid-19 coma

A BELFAST mother has defied the odds to give birth to a healthy pair of baby twin girls, just a few months after she had to be put into a coma after contracting Covid-19.

Danielle Martin was ventilated for 10 days back in April of this year after testing positive for the coronavirus while pregnant.

She had initially been rushed to hospital with pneumonia before it was discovered she had also caught Covid-19.

In a harrowing turn of events, her condition deteriorated rapidly to the point where doctors were forced to place her on an induced coma.

While Danielle was unconscious and breathing with the aid of a ventilator, her fiancé Bryan Green was told the devastating news: it was unlikely their unborn child would survive.

But then something miraculous happened: Danielle’s condition improved.

By the time she was discharged from ICU, the couple had learned, to their delight, that not only was their baby doing well, but they were expecting twins.

Fast forward a few months and Danielle and Bryan found themselves back in hospital, only this time on much happier terms.

In the early hours of Wednesday, October 7, the couple welcomed the arrival of their beautiful twin daughters, Ava and Amelia Martin.

Bryan took to Facebook to share his joy at the new arrivals.

“What an experience! And what a mad year our family has had!” he wrote.

“Danielle catching COVID-19 and having to be put in a coma and ventilated for 10 days! And being told our little baby that was in Danielle’s tummy at only ten weeks would not survive and it would be a miracle if it did!

“Then Danielle comes out of the coma to be told you have two little miracles growing healthy in there.

“Well here is our two little princesses Ava and Amelia and doing absolutely amazing! Danielle is also doing fantastic! She deserves a medal! Best feeling in the world.”