Incredible footage shows giant hidden Celtic cross growing in Co. Donegal forest

Incredible footage shows giant hidden Celtic cross growing in Co. Donegal forest

INCREDIBLE footage filmed by a drone has shown a mysterious hidden Celtic Cross in a Co. Donegal forest. 

The footage, which has since gone viral after being featured on UTV News, was shot by Derry man Darren Shaeffer, who was asked by a friend to shoot the location for a project.

"I was asked by a friend who is doing a project at Bogay Walled Garden if I could take some pictures of the project and they mentioned the cross in the trees and it snowballed from there," he told The Irish Post.

According to the report by UTV, the Celtic Cross was planted by forester Liam Emmery near the village of Killea, a border town in the northern part of the county.

Mr Emmery created the effected using two different trees, and according to horticultural expert Gareth Austin, this plantation took immense planning.


"It's not just cutting patterns in your back lawn, this is sizeable horticultural engineering," he said.

"Liam created that and gave the gift of that to the rest of us, and we're going to appreciate that for the next 60 or 70 years."

Sadly, however, Mr Emmery died six years ago after suffering brain damage in an accident two years previously.

Norma Emmery, his wife, told UTV she had forgotten about the plantation.

"If he was here, we would have all heard about it because he would have been so proud," Mrs Emmery said.

"He just loved things to be perfect," she said, "And I think the Celtic Cross is perfect for him."

Check out the incredible mark Mr Emmery left behind on Donegal's forestry in the video below... 


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