Ireland set to feel the chill in 2019 with widespread frosts set to hit the country

Ireland set to feel the chill in 2019 with widespread frosts set to hit the country

WE DIDN’T get the white Christmas many had hoped for and now it appears that the mild weather witnessed across Ireland is set to give way to something altogether frostier.

According to Met Eireann forecasts, Ireland is set to be hit with a “widespread frost” in the first week of the year.

The northern and eastern regions of the country will be most affected with the mild weather of Christmas giving way to freezing nights.

New Year’s Eve will bring dry and cloudy conditions to Ireland with temperatures around 9C to 11C during the day.

Party-goers in the northern counties could be set for drizzly festivities with some rain and temperature lows of from 4C to 6C.

According to the forecaster, New Year's Day, will start off "cloudy with scattered outbreaks of rain or drizzle."

"Clearer skies will develop through much of Ulster and Leinster in the afternoon and evening. Highs of 8C or 9C in nearly calm conditions."

From there it’s set to become very cold overnight in the north and east with temperatures plunging to below freezing.

"Clearing skies over the north and east of the country will bring temperatures below freezing with a fairly widespread frost.,” the forecast said.

"Much of Connacht/ Munster will remain cloudy and frost free with lows of 2C to 5C."

Wednesday will bring more frost before more dry and bright conditions in Leinster and Ulster and temperature highs of 4C to 6C.

The west and south will be mostly cloudy with occasional drizzle and temperatures in the region of 7C to 9C.

There’s more bad news in the east and north though with overnight frosts and further chilly conditions expected going into Thursday.