Irish 10-year-old girl raises thousands for homeless people

Irish 10-year-old girl raises thousands for homeless people

AN IRISH schoolgirl has set a wonderful example by raising thousands of euro and donating it to the homeless.

Lexie Delaney, from Co. Offaly, has remarkably been donating to homeless charities for almost four years, despite the fact that she's just 10-years-old.

Her mother Lillian explained the story to RSVP Live of how little Lexie became so involved in helping the less fortunate.

When her daughter was just seven, they were walking in Dublin city centre when Lexie noticed a young homeless man sitting on the ground, and decided to bring him some food.

"It was my birthday and we were in Grafton Street in Dublin. Lexie spotted this young lad on the ground sitting beside the bin and asked me ‘why is he sitting there?'" Lillian said.

"I didn’t want to tell her too much because she was only seven, so I just simply said ‘he’s homeless’, but she kept asking where his mam and dad was.

"We ended up going into Burger King and she bought him food and brought it out to him.

"The whole way home in the car she was so quiet and I knew she was thinking about him.”

Lillian went on to explain that soon after, her daughter won €300 in the Lotto and decided to spend it helping the homeless.

She began donating toiletries, clothes and even started holding jumble sales in her garden in order to raise more money.

Lexie was then prompted to ask her school, Scoil Bhríde in Edenderry, if they wanted to get involved, and they happily obliged.

"Her principal was only delighted to help her out. He sent a note home to all of the parents and the pupils brought in bits like socks and toothpaste, which Inner City Helping Homeless collected," Lillian said.

Lexie's fundraising hasn't stopped there. Every Christmas since she's collected toys, sweets and selection boxes for the North Dublin Housing Crisis, and her efforts have even caught the attention of the Lord Mayor of Dublin, who's invited her to Mansion House in honour of her deeds.

Her mother now claims Lexie is in the process of writing a letter to President Michael D. Higgins about the homelessness crisis in the country, which has reportedly left around 10,000 people on the streets and in emergency accommodation.

"It makes me so proud seeing how thoughtful and selfless she is. If she knows how she can put a smile on someone’s face, that makes her happy," said Lillian.