Irish barman brilliant rendition of ‘Dirty Old Town’ goes viral

Irish barman brilliant rendition of ‘Dirty Old Town’ goes viral

A DUBLIN barman has provided a magical reminder of the fact that, when it comes to a great night out, nothing beats a good Irish pub.

Great musicians are nothing new in Ireland – this is the home of Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy and U2 to name but a few.

But great musicians who are also capable of pulling the perfect pint of Guinness? Well, they’re a much rarer breed.

That’s what makes bartender Shane Rutledge such a unique talent.

Not only does he have command of the bar, he’s also a pretty impressive singer and guitarist to boot.


Proof of this was provided by his current employers over at The White House pub in Ashbourne, Dublin.

Taking to Facebook, they shared a video of Shane performing an old Irish classic – Dirty Old Town with the story subsequently picked up by Dublin Live.

Speaking to the newspaper, Shane revealed how performances are a regular occurrence at the pub and, if anything, he was holding a bit back in the video posted online.

"If I knew I was being recorded, I would have stepped it up a gear!” he told Dublin Live.

"I've played behind the bar a few times and it's been craic. On that particular night it was a good customer's birthday and I brought up my good guitar to play some music for him.

"There was also a local funeral on in the function room and a few people came into the bar and joined in on the sing song.”


Next time you’re in Dublin, you might want to stop off in The White House – you might even be treated to an impromptu performance.

If you ask nicely, of course.