Irish journalist angers Liverpool public with 'black armbands' dig

Irish journalist angers Liverpool public with 'black armbands' dig

IRISH journalist Ian O’Doherty has landed himself in hot water with the people of Liverpool after a shockingly insensitive statement in a radio interview on Newstalk FM.

In a discussion about the wearing of poppies in British culture and how it has filtered through to sports events and football kits, the Irish Independent columnist delivered a seriously low blow.

He said: “It seems you cannot go to a match in England now without there being a minute’s silence for the grandson of the tea lady who used to work in the stadium and now she’s feeling a bit poorly.

“I mean the joke is on Liverpool because they seem to go through so many commemorations of disasters and deaths that they should have just had a black armband just as part of their regulation kit.”

The comments have understandably hit a nerve with Liverpudlians, many of whom lost relatives in the Hillsborough Disaster, in which 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives in 1989.

The darkest day in Liverpool’s history is regularly commemorated at the club’s stadium, Anfield.

O’Doherty further discredited his stance when reminded by the presenter of the “horrendous event” the city of Liverpool went through, saying “but I’m a United fan so I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to have a go at them.”