Irish public asked to help name ‘mischievous’ new garda puppy

Irish public asked to help name ‘mischievous’ new garda puppy

GARDAI are appealing for help from the Irish public to name the latest recruit to their Garda Dog Unit (GDU).

They shared a few photos of the adorable pup on social media, revealing the new trainee is an 11-week-old cocker spaniel.

They noted that he is “mischievous” and enjoys the “rough and tumble” with fellow GDU dogs.

On Monday night, Garda Info wrote on Twitter: "Our latest recruit in the Garda Dog Unit is a full cocker spaniel aged 11 wks, mischievous and likes the rough and tumble with Elsa (Lab) & Bailey.


“He has started his training to qualify as a specialist detection dog with GDU. He remains nameless but we are open to suggestions.”

The puppy is pictured enjoying himself with Elsa, a black labrador, and Bailey, a German shepherd.

Many people have already tweeted their replies, suggesting names like; “Spaniel Radcliffe” and “Sherlock bones”.

One even suggested naming him “Pablo Escobar” citing that “if anyone knows where it’s stashed it’s him.”


The Garda Dog Unit was formed in 1960 and its main duties involve assisting in public order situations, as well as searches.

There are currently 19 dogs in the unit and once the new pup is fully trained, there will be 20.

They’re based at Kilmainham Garda Station, but there are also dog handlers in Cork and Limerick.