Irish sisters appealing for your help to find their long-lost adopted brother Michael in Britain

Irish sisters appealing for your help to find their long-lost adopted brother Michael in Britain

TWO Irish sisters are appealing to the Irish community in Britain to help locate their brother Michael, who was adopted in England in the 1950s.

Tracey Kelly and her sister Sharon only became aware of their elder brother’s existence in the early 2000s.

He was born Michael Lynch in June 1956 in Cambridge where he was put up for adoption by their mother Margaret, but his surname was changed after his foster father died when he was three.

Margaret Lynch sadly died in 2013 without seeing her son again.

It is Tracey Kelly’s understanding that Michael moved to London at a young age and is living there now.

He may also have spent some part of his youth in St Ives, Cambridgeshire.

As Michael’s surname changed at such a young age, attempts made by Mrs Kelly and her sister Sharon to locate their brother have been beset by difficulties.

They are aware that Michael visited Skibbereen in Co. Cork in search of his long-lost family in early October.

But Michael was put into contact with an estranged family member and the trail went cold again.

Speaking to The Irish Post, Tracey - now living in Ballina, Co. Mayo but originally from Cork - said that she wanted Michael to know that his two sisters were very eager to get into contact with him.

“I’m up in a heap because I really want to find him. I tried to search for him before but my mother’s health wasn’t great and so I didn’t get very far,” she said.

“I know he went to my hometown in Cork earlier this month and went to the heritage centre in Skibbereen. His wife was with him and I know he has two children.

“We’ve been through the adoptive records but we got nowhere. I’ve paid to join the contact register in England. I don’t know where else to go from here.

“I’ve got four children of my own, so he has two nieces and two nephews that he doesn’t know about. I lost my husband three years ago to cancer so he never got to meet him.

“I would just really love to meet him. I am 53-years old now, and my sister is 54. It’s time now more than ever for us to find Michael.”

If you or anyone you know may have information about Michael, call Aidan Lonergan on 0208 900 4182 or email [email protected]