Irish woman among those killed in bus crash in Dubai

Irish woman among those killed in bus crash in Dubai

AN IRISH WOMAN has died after a bus crashed in Dubai - killing 17 people.

It’s understood that the woman, who was from Dublin, was in the United Arab Emirates working as a teacher.

Police say the bus swerved off the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road in the city centre and smashed into a low-clearance warning sign.

The lane was a car-only lane - hence the low-hanging sign.

The crash happened around 6pm local time.

All 17 people on board were killed according to authorities, including 12 Indian nationals.

The bus was travelling from Oman, and Mwasalat, a government-owned bus company in Oman, said the crash occurred on its Muscat-to-Dubai route and that it would be suspending service for the immediate future.

Dubai police did not confirm exactly what caused the crash but warned that “sometimes a minor error or negligence during driving leads to serious consequences.”

The Irish woman’s family have been notified.

It’s estimated that around 11,000 Irish natives live in the UAE.