Irish woman forced to flee her 'haunted' Co Cork home after being chased out by DEMONS

Irish woman forced to flee her 'haunted' Co Cork home after being chased out by DEMONS

A PETRIFIED IRISH woman has spoken of how she was chased out of her home in Co. Cork by demons and other spine-chilling paranormal activity.

The woman, Bernadette, called Cork's Red FM and spoke to Neil Prendeville about her frightening experiences.

She says she hears "evil music" being played around the house, and claims to have seen beds move across the floor in front of her eyes.

Bernadette also says she's been living in a tent in the woods near her house since Sunday as she's far too scared to spend any more nights inside.

It began last Thursday when Bernadette said she was woken by the sound of "evil, horrible, gothic music".

"I haven't been anywhere near the place since I ran out the door on Sunday', she said.

The music apparently played throughout the house until around 5.30am, and Bernadette stayed up all night petrified.

After convincing herself that she must have dreamt or imagined the whole thing, she went to sleep the next night only to be woken up as her bed was shaking violently.

When she sat up, she saw another bed in the room had been "pushed right into the middle of the room, up against my bed."

When Neil Prendeville asked her if she saw the furniture move before her own eyes, Bernadette replied: "Yeah! I was looking at it right in front of me! It just moved right across, and banged off my bed.

"Then the banging and the evil music started all over the room again," she explained, which prompted her to stay at a neighbour's house for the night.

After returning once more to the house, she said she began seeing imprinted faces on her carpet, and decided once and for all that she couldn't stay there a moment longer.

Ever since she's been living in a pitched tent in the woods not far from her house, where trees throwing shadows fail to even make her jump, given what she experienced back home.

Naturally, people texting in following the call were sceptical about Bernadette's story.

‘This isn’t in any way making fun of the situation but is this some sort of plot for a new Stephen King book?’ wrote one listener.

But Bernadette stuck to her guns, saying: "If it happened to any one of them they'd be jumping out the windows."